Welcome to the BeerMan

The Beer Man is a father and son team who bring great beer from around the country into Cornwall and ultimately send great cornish beer to other parts of the UK.

Our ethos is to enable landlords access to different smaller breweries and also the full brewery range that landlords would have no access to from the bigger wholesalers. We specialise in sourcing vegetarian, vegan and gluten free beers.

There is no hard sell from us due to way we work, which is to allow landlords to choose from the range that we offer. We are only buying what you want, not buying beer and then try and sell that.

We have had this system from day one and landlords have commented on the range of beer we can offer and that buying from us is a breath of fresh air from other wholesalers.

We aim to have beer delivered to pubs the same day that it arrives with us, or stored overnight in our cool room and then delivered the next day.