Welcome to the BeerMan

The Beer Man is a father and son team who want to bring great beer into Cornwall and ultimately send great Cornish beer to other parts of the UK.

The Beer Man was formed to enable landlords to have access to great fresh beer, usually outside the mainstream, direct from the source.

We started in July 2014 and have been steadily growing ever since

Normally we liaise with our customers to identify a recommended brewery, we then contact that brewer and obtain a complete list of their currently available beers and prices. This information is then uploaded to our website and flyers. As we collect orders, once we reach 18 casks we purchase them and have them delivered direct to us overnight on a pallet. We then deliver these as soon as possible to our customers. We are currently stocking the Sarah Hughes range of beers and are sourcing a cold store for this and other beers as the summer arrives.

Direct delivery to us means the beer is in optimum condition when we deliver to our customers. We also offer the full range of beers from the chosen brewery not just the mainstream varieties and we prioritise service including the prompt collection of empty casks. We are currently looking at holding stocks of real cider and bottles, cans, and kegs of all products